About Us

Welcome to TightCup.com a blog about the blues, blues harp, and equipment. Why TightCup.com? Because a tight cup is essential to amplified blues harp; this is where it all begins, the heart of great amplified harp tone. A tight cup around the mic and harp forming an air tight seal creates the smooth compressed tone that we know and love. Hopefully you will find the web site just as important in your experience with the blues and harp.

I am Randy Landry, owner of Lone Wolf Blues Company where we design and manufacture effect pedals for harmonica players; in addition to this we will soon be adding a line of amplifiers for harp. My goal is to make this blog informative and fun; there will be technical and informative posts, interviews, and guest postings. I am not a writer, nor am I an expert know-it-all on the subject matter presented. What I put forth will be information as I understand it, and I will present it to the best of my ability. I hope to share the knowledge I have acquired and also learn from the comments posted here and on our forum. My views can and do change over time as I gain knowledge and experience, isn’t that what life is all about? So come on in and check things out; let me know what you like and what you do not like.

Soon I will add an image and introduce you to our team.